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queen, wild's high

Currently Reading: Girls of the Wild's (소녀 와일즈)


[Heavy fighting]
Date stared: 26 January 2017
Date finished: 5 February 2017

Since Say "I Love You" isn't finished yet, I moved on to a dfferent manga. Gaaah. I hate doing this but I felt the need to read more more MORE! I need a respite from all the work at school. At the time of writing this post, I am already at chapter 151 out of 200+ chapters! Also, i t is my first time reading a webtoon!

I have know that webtoon is powered by Line, an on-line messaging app from Korea. But in my mind, I was thinking of webtoons as animes? Like they're moving and all. That's why when I lokoked it up, I was surpised to see them done in these long format of a manhwa. Plus!!!!!! It is c o l o r e d~~~

Tha's when I realized, 'Ah~ in my mind I was thinking of webdramas~"

The plot is great, and it is also my first time reaing harem? I watch harem animes butI don't quite like reading them? Like when I see a manga with harem included in the tags, and help me choose! Friendssss!

The story is about Song Jaegu who gets into Wild's High because of a scholarship and brings together the best fighetrs there. May romance din. And LOTS of action!



Ahhh~ my heart hurts~~ I missed this feeling after reading a good story. It was also my first time reading a webtoon so it was a really great experience! The storyline was wonderful and I'm happy everyone has gotten their resolution... well not everyone... ahhh~~ my heart~~~Kailangan ko to gawan ng article.